10 Essential Items to Buy for Your Laptop


Your laptop is a prized possession. You use it to keep your notes, write your papers, and help you relax by surfing the Internet after a long day of classes. Keeping your laptop well maintained and efficient often requires the purchasing of laptop accessories. If you’re unsure of what you will need, here are the top ten essential laptop accessories all college students should put on their shopping list. 1. Carrying Case Class, the library, study groups, dorm rooms—a busy schedule will … [Read more...]


How to Pack and Move Efficiently


Let’s face it- packing for anything is hard! It’s especially hard when you’re trying to sort through your entire life’s worth of junk and think months in advance about what you might need at school. Many students get overwhelmed with the task of packing for college because it is a big job, but when broken down, can be done with minimal stress. Start with a packing list. There are hundreds to choose from on the internet, and they will include EVERYTHING. Begin with looking over … [Read more...]


New Bedding Abound! 3 Girl Options

Purple Stripe Floor Tiles

It's that time again - Summer is starting to begin and students are moving back home with their parents. Their dorm rooms are empty, until next semester when students move back on campus with new decor and linens. With back to school season right down the road, RHL has come out with a new line of linens and comforters to make your student's room bright, comfortable, and personalized to match their style! Send your student back to school with an updated room set to show off their … [Read more...]


Protect Your Laptop

From www.rhl.org

A student's laptop computer in college serves as their life line. Any problem with their laptop could pose a catastrophic detour to their studying. Whether they're using their laptop to surf the net, study, type term papers or connect with friends and family, a laptop to a student is a crucial accessory. And- with an accessory as important as a laptop, you need to make sure to thoroughly protect it both inside - and out. Since laptops are so fragile, it's important to first protect it … [Read more...]


Make Your Residence Hall POP With Color


A blank residence hall on move-in day is like a blank canvas just waiting to be painted. Although the room is small, there's still so many opportunities to make the space your own and fill it with color. Whether it's with bright linens, rugs, or wall art, your residence hall is your space to express yourself. Whichever way you decide to decorate, make sure that you set up a plan with your roommate if you have one to make sure that it's okay with them. Also, try to see if your roommate wants … [Read more...]


Labeling Your Belongings: Rude?

If you’re an only child, life for you has been easy sailing. You always were assured that the Capri Suns you like in your lunch everyday were in stock and that your Zebra Cakes were always there for a late night snack. You never had to worry about toothpaste running out on you because you were the only one using it and your parents had extras in the closet for when yours was spent. Your video game console was always exactly as you left it, with your memory card and accounts linked just how you … [Read more...]


Good Eats; Healthy and Delicious Food Prepared in Your Dorm


It’s every girl’s worst nightmare. It’s scarier than clowns, spiders and belching on stage during a large speech. It seems that no matter how hard you try, it is unrealistically unavoidable and strikes on every campus far and wide. No, it’s not a bug in the shower (although that IS disgusting) or a broken heel on your favorite shoe. It is, in fact, (drum roll please) the “Freshman 15”. Your first year of college is tough, but super exciting. You’re running around here and … [Read more...]