Getting Professional: What’s a “LinkedIn”?


You've synced your Facebook account to your smartphone, your Twitter to your Facebook and your Tumblr to your Twitter. Your Pinterest is updated off of your Wanelo that's linked to your Reddit. All of these live harmoniously on your computer and smart-gadgets that allow you to be constantly connected to the social world. You're pretty sure you have every social channel covered - but do you really? Let's see: you've got Facebook to connect with family and friends, Twitter to connect to the … [Read more...]


OCM and Her Campus Offer One Collegiette a Dorm Room Makeover!


OCM (Our Campus Market) and Her Campus.com (An awesome advice and information packed website on the best tips, tricks and style advice for highschool and college girls) have teamed up to give one lucky collegiette the dorm makeover of their dreams! The contest includes  $1000 for OCM swag to completely personalize your space! The rules are simple: If you don't have a Pinterest account,  you can make one quickly to participate! "Pin" 8-12 items from OCM.com as well as the contest graphic from … [Read more...]


Social Media Tips to Protect Privacy


As we continue to evolve in this 'digital millennium', various platforms of social media sites are popping up everywhere. First, we tinkered with Xanga, a popular blog site that allowed you to blog about your thoughts while also being able to customize your page layout and theme. After that came the ever so popular Myspace which virally exploded like a Mentos (The Fresh Maker) in a liter of Coke. Now, were plugged-in at almost all times on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger, … [Read more...]


Everyone is SO much Happier on Facebook

The photos, the posts, the activities: it's obvious, all of your Facebook friends lead a cooler and more active lifestyle than you do. They are always doing something fun and exciting, and they always look great while they do it too. You're life is just plain boring in comparison. The proof is in the photos... Or is it.  According to Men's Health, a study conducted by the Utah Valley University found that the perception of other's lives we get from Facebook isn't accurate. In fact, all we … [Read more...]


Networking: Use it to your Advantage

Not all that long ago, college students were actively recruited before graduation. Interested employers found students themselves, and worked hard to attract students’ interest in their company. Today, that isn’t the case. In the current job market, it’s the student’s responsibility to recruit themselves. That means students have to put themselves out there and make sure that prospective employers know who they are and what skills and knowledge they could bring to a potential … [Read more...]


Social Media: My Lifeline

I love when my parents start telling me stories of their deprived youths. They didn’t have cable television, cell phones, or the Internet; they had to entertain themselves the old-fashioned way. Their stories make me laugh. Why? Because social media isn't just a form of entertainment for me. If I simply wanted to be entertained I could easily pick up a book. But social media is much more than that. It is, literally, my only connection to the social world. If someone took away my phone … [Read more...]


You’ve Got Mail

Email doesn’t usually talk to you anymore, but that doesn’t stop your phone from dinging, reminding you again and again that you have responsibilities. As a student, my phone would ding every twenty minutes, and I didn’t get spam in my inbox.  There was always someone looking for me, or some assignment that had to be sent out immediately. I often didn’t even hear it.  My phone was such a consistent disturbance, that I didn’t notice the noise unless I was specifically … [Read more...]