Extracurricular Activities: Why are they So Important?

Yes, your GPA counts-but it is also true that the college experience is about the ‘experience as much as it is about the ‘college. That means extracurricular activities are a crucial component of your education.  Internships, job experience while attending school, and extracurricular activities will foster growth in your chosen field, help you network, improve your interpersonal skills and help demonstrate a solid work ethic to prospective employers after you graduate. As important as it … [Read more...]


Conquering Boredom

It’s Saturday. There is nothing on TV. You’ve done all of your homework, and you’re ready for your upcoming final exams. Unfortunately that means you’ve got nothing to do, and since you can’t go out and party by yourself, you’re bored. Here are a few things to keep you occupied. Read the News Quit checking your social media accounts (your real friends have not updated their status lately) and playing mind numbing games on Sporacle. Instead do a little non-school related … [Read more...]


Entertainment on a Tight Budget

College is a time for learning, experimenting, and exploring. It’s the best time to discover new cultures and to try new activities. Both urban and rural universities provide students with unique opportunities for entertainment.  From various music and dance scenes to excellent food and historical tours there is something to do. The problem is that the college budget is limited. Students' opportunites are severly restricted by the amount of funds they have available. So here are a few tips … [Read more...]


Big East goes from Beast to Least in Conference Shuffle

Guest blogger, Alex Plushanski a Nursing ACE student, takes a look at recent changes in college sports. College sports on the East Coast are dominated by three major Bowl Championship Series conferences; they are the Big East, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), and Southeastern Conference (SEC).  Conferences serve the same major role as divisions in professional sports, that is, to increase the number of teams that can win a regular season championship.  This increase directly drives up the … [Read more...]


The Top Ten College Sport Rivalries

I love college sports; there is nothing more exciting than March Madness. The fans truly love the game, and whether its football, basketball, or hockey there will be students in the stands and they will be cheering their hearts out. The best games are always the ones that carry extra significance. Even if you aren't routing for a specific team the passion and focus of the players and fans will draw you in. So, here's my list of the top ten rivalries; each game in these match-ups is more of a … [Read more...]


Paying Attention in Class

I will be the first to admit that I’m not the best person to give advice on how to pay attention or take notes in class.  I was terrible.  I spent more time reading Perez Hilton and scribbling nonsense in my notebook, than I actually spent paying attention. I have a very short attention span. 30-40 minutes was my absolute max.  After listening to a professor lecture for 15 minutes I would often hit a wall.  I couldn’t sit still anymore, and I couldn’t begin to focus on the topic of … [Read more...]


Where to Now? Finding the Best College for You

Finding the right college is difficult.  But four or five years from now, when you’re about to receive your degree, you don’t want to look back on your college experience with regret. You don't want to wish that you had put a little more effort into finding the perfect fit for you. Hindsight is 20/20.  So, here are the tips I wish I'd had as a high school senior.  Information that might have helped me find the absolute best college experience. -Be realistic about what schools … [Read more...]