Rhino Armor Trunks: A College Rite of Passage


When going off to college, practically every new student's dorm room includes multiple forms of storage options, including the Rhino Armor Trunk. Aside from the fact that it's great for organizing and carrying things to campus, it also serves as a multi-functional piece of furniture! Here's just a few ways you can use your Rhino Trunk. 1) To Store (or hide) Your Belongings - Maybe you like to keep your room clean and gather clutter instead of show it. Or, maybe your parents are coming for the … [Read more...]


Make Your Residence Hall POP With Color


A blank residence hall on move-in day is like a blank canvas just waiting to be painted. Although the room is small, there's still so many opportunities to make the space your own and fill it with color. Whether it's with bright linens, rugs, or wall art, your residence hall is your space to express yourself. Whichever way you decide to decorate, make sure that you set up a plan with your roommate if you have one to make sure that it's okay with them. Also, try to see if your roommate wants … [Read more...]


Campus Backup: Protect Yourself!

Campus Backup Software

It's no surprise that college students aren't the most organized bunch. They often forget important tasks because their minds are so consumed with homework and school commitments. At times where you as parents can help out, a little bit goes a long way! One of the most detrimental things that can happen to a college student is their laptop/computer crashing and losing all of their important files. Term papers, class schedules, phone numbers, pictures - you name it. All of these things are … [Read more...]


5 Tips For Answering Writing Prompts

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Ever since the 5th grade, I can remember having worksheets handed out with hypothetical situations such as: "If Sara has 9 apples, how many would she have left over if she gave two of them away??" The problem with this? Well, it didn't really matter if you answered with the correct amount of apples, because if you didn't answer the writing prompt with complete sentences you'd still get deducted points. It took me up until about 9th grade to start reciting the question at the beginning of … [Read more...]


Biggest Exam of Your Life? Here’s How to Prepare


Spring Break is so close you can practically taste it (if you're not on it already). With that taste of freedom also comes Midterms. And - let's be honest, every exam feels like the biggest exam of your life. Why? Because they're all equally as stressful to study for. Regardless of the topic or how well you know the material, there's always fear of the unknown: what if you get random test anxiety and blank out during the test? What if your pencil breaks and there isn't a sharpener in sight? What … [Read more...]


Blog With US!


Are you a student on campus who loves to write? Do you love giving advice and tips for new and returning students attending Universities all over the world? Our Campus Market is looking for bloggers like YOU from various Universities to blog about what’s happening around them on campus. This internship is a great way to connect with other students near and far, and it all starts with you! We’re looking for someone fun and outgoing with a keen insight into the college lifestyle. New and … [Read more...]


What’s That Smell?


College students everywhere are known for their less than spotless dorm rooms, littered with socks, trash and everything in between. It's not usually a problem for them either, until they trip over a hairdryer getting ready for their 8 a.m. lecture or drink a bottle of lotion instead of their Aquafina in the middle of the night. I might be over exaggerating just a tad, but let's be honest: dorm rooms aren't usually known for their grade-A cleanliness rating. Not unless they have a live in … [Read more...]