Temperature Control Products for Dorm Rooms


Keeping your residence hall dorm room at the perfect temperature can be tricky. Many residence halls are not suited for modern heating and cooling systems, which can cause issues when temperatures hit extreme numbers. There are simple tricks you can do to naturally retain heat, like adding dorm rugs, as well as having dorm bedding of various thicknesses readily available. Plus, there are many dorm appliances that can help keep the temperature of your living space exactly how you like … [Read more...]


To Coordinate or Not To Coordinate?


Dorm décor is paramount to every college girl’s dorm life. We want our rooms to be beautiful and put together and coordinated. We sleep well at night knowing our room is cozy and peaceful. This is a wonderfully easy thing to do on our own, but what about my roommate? Should I talk to her first? Don’t worry- as far as coordinating dorm room décor goes, stress does not need to be involved. Some people really like to coordinate everything down to the color scheme, which is completely fine, … [Read more...]


How to Pack and Move Efficiently


Let’s face it- packing for anything is hard! It’s especially hard when you’re trying to sort through your entire life’s worth of junk and think months in advance about what you might need at school. Many students get overwhelmed with the task of packing for college because it is a big job, but when broken down, can be done with minimal stress. Start with a packing list. There are hundreds to choose from on the internet, and they will include EVERYTHING. Begin with looking over … [Read more...]


Fight the Freshman Fifteen

You've heard horror stories, but you've also seen friends successfully avoid it- how can you avoid it too? The freshman fifteen refers to the fifteen pounds put on by college students around the country when they go off to schools where eating is a social activity and the school buffets are never far away.  Stress, little sleep, carb-based meals, lower levels of exercise and sugary beverage consumption are all factors that play a role in college students’ weight gain. Once these issues are … [Read more...]


Campus Safety


You know the basics, use the buddy system, lock your doors, look both ways when crossing the street, and don’t talk to strangers, but college presents the need for a whole new level of safety awareness. As you are becoming familiar with your campus, take note of a few things concerning safety. Notice if there are any places that have dim or no lighting when walking around campus. These are places you want to be cautious of when walking alone or travelling at night. Many schools have … [Read more...]


Rhino Armor Trunks: A College Rite of Passage


When going off to college, practically every new student's dorm room includes multiple forms of storage options, including the Rhino Armor Trunk. Aside from the fact that it's great for organizing and carrying things to campus, it also serves as a multi-functional piece of furniture! Here's just a few ways you can use your Rhino Trunk. 1) To Store (or hide) Your Belongings - Maybe you like to keep your room clean and gather clutter instead of show it. Or, maybe your parents are coming for the … [Read more...]


Make Your Residence Hall POP With Color


A blank residence hall on move-in day is like a blank canvas just waiting to be painted. Although the room is small, there's still so many opportunities to make the space your own and fill it with color. Whether it's with bright linens, rugs, or wall art, your residence hall is your space to express yourself. Whichever way you decide to decorate, make sure that you set up a plan with your roommate if you have one to make sure that it's okay with them. Also, try to see if your roommate wants … [Read more...]