Make Your Application Stand Out

Do your transcripts tell the whole story? Do they give admissions officers a complete and accurate perspective of who you are? Can a simple letter grade ever really convey the complex reality of all the hard work that went into the assignments you’ve completed? Can a few pieces of paper ever explain the complex issues and problems that you encountered during your high school years? No? Well, nobody really expects it to. For years educators, advisors, and admissions officers have pointed … [Read more...]


11 Things You Should Know about the Common App


The Common Application was started 35 years ago, according to the website. The app’s purpose is to make the application process more simple and reliable by cuttingdown the monotonous busywork that comes with each application. For instance, with the common app, you only ever have to enter your biographical details, contact information and extracurricular activities one time, even if you apply to 50 schools. The common app is currently accepted by more than 450 schools, click here to view the … [Read more...]


Gourmet Cafeterias, Fashion, Bunnies and More

Photo Credit: 2011 by Burleson Enterprises

  No more mystery meat…At least not on your college campus. The Washington Post’s “Campuses Cater to Foodie Movement by Turning Cafeterias into Upscale Eateries,” takes a look at how campuses are adapting cafeterias to attract a younger generation that prefers healthier, fresher options.  Now instead of pre-cooked frozen meals, students can choose between several gourmet options, such as fire-grilled seafood and steak.  Some campus meal plans have become so popular that … [Read more...]