7 Must-Have School Supplies for the First Week of Class

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Your first week of college is just about to start, and while you may be more fixated on how to make your dorm room perfect, you should also look ahead to the classes on your schedule. Packing your backpack full of school supplies will keep you focused and prepared for the start of the semester. Here are seven of the most essential items every college student should have on hand. 1.   Sticky Notes During your first few sessions, you will be bombarded with information, such as the location … [Read more...]


Career Paths for Liberal Arts Majors


Liberal arts (or, as it’s sometimes known, humanities) can be an incredibly rewarding major, opening your eyes to the world by teaching you to appreciate a cross-section of science, art, and history. However, in recent years, the study of humanities has become somewhat controversial, mainly due to a perception that liberal arts majors have fewer job opportunities. Indeed, engineering majors become engineers, education majors become educators, and nursing majors become nurses—but humanities … [Read more...]


Choosing the Right Classes

Choosing the right classes could be the single most important decision making process of your entire college experience. Picking good, relevant courses at the right time in your education will make working toward that degree not only easier, but also more rewarding.  A good way to start is by talking it over with your adviser. This is exactly what he or she is there to do- guide you on the best possible track toward your degree. Even if you feel really confident about your choices, run … [Read more...]


Most Embarrassing Moment in College

I’m sure everyone will love reading this blog post, as any post about humiliating but hilarious moments in college or high school are the ones talked about for years and years to come. The most important thing about humiliating moments is that they happen to everyone. No one is immune to being embarrassed. Even the most calm, cool and collected of individuals gets embarrassed at some point, sometime, for some reason. I think for me personally, the most humiliating things I do, say, or go … [Read more...]


Summer Classes

Taking classes during any season requires dedication and motivation. The first year of college at a university is exciting and new, with so many new things to see and so many new people to meet. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the hype and excitement of being on your own for the first time and meeting new people that you put your schoolwork on the back burner. It’s crucial to stay organized and find a schedule that works for you. Once you find that groove that keeps you on track, … [Read more...]


Learning to Navigate Campus

No matter what university you go to, whether it is big or small, there are students just like you apprehensive about navigating the campus on their first day of classes. Let’s be honest, the thought of walking all over campus just to get lost on your first day is a little nerve wrecking. This is completely normal, and almost all of students experience the feeling at least one time throughout their college education.  Starting a new school, moving out of home and learning to adapt to your … [Read more...]


Internships: What Should I Wear?


If you’re anything like me, you wear the same thing to class every day:  Calvin Klein pajama pants, Ugg Boots, and a hoodie or Northface Jacket.  The key to that outfit is comfort, making sure that you’ll survive a long day of lectures. But that means, like me, you probably have nothing to wear on the days that you have both class and an internship. In other words, something that is both comfortable and professional. I’d often find myself lugging a change of clothes with me everywhere … [Read more...]