5 Ways to Bring Spring into your Dorm

If you’re tired of winter, like me, and you’re eagerly waiting for spring you probably need something to get your spirits up. The best way to do that is to bring a little bit of whatever you love into your home, your bedroom, and in this case your dorm. So that means it’s time to bring in a little bit of spring. Here are the best ways to do that. 1- Add a plant A living, breathing plant is literally the most ‘springy’ thing that you’re going to find for your dorm A branch of … [Read more...]


I’m Hungry: Tips on using your Microwave


Sick of the cafeteria? Tired of paying delivery fees? Ready to start cooking in your dorm? Well, it’s about time you started making use of that handy-dandy microwave. Microwaves can be used to make almost anything in college. You can easily cook full meals from scrambled eggs to meatloaf in your microwave. You’ve just got to know how it’s done. Here are some tips on the best way to use your microwave. Let it Stand Even when the time is up, food in the microwave keeps cooking.  … [Read more...]


Where to Now? Finding the Best College for You

Finding the right college is difficult.  But four or five years from now, when you’re about to receive your degree, you don’t want to look back on your college experience with regret. You don't want to wish that you had put a little more effort into finding the perfect fit for you. Hindsight is 20/20.  So, here are the tips I wish I'd had as a high school senior.  Information that might have helped me find the absolute best college experience. -Be realistic about what schools … [Read more...]


Dorm Rooms: The Miserable Truth

Movies, TV shows, and ads glamorize college life.  They display beautiful, spacious dorm rooms with nice hardwood floors, brand new furniture, a huge window, a fireplace, and oh yeah, plenty of extra personal space. While I’m sure that the amazing residence halls depicted in the media do exist somewhere, the vast majority of us, those of us who wind up sharing a 12x15 foot room, are widely misled. That isn’t to say we don’t know our dorm rooms will be small.  We are forewarned, … [Read more...]