The Clingy Roommate

Getting along with your roommate can be very hard. It’s not like the girl in Organic Chemistry that you can just ignore in classes, at the end of the day you have to come home and share a dorm room with your roommate every day. So it’s important to maintain a positive relationship. This is first part of a series in which I will discuss common roommate issues and some positive ways to solve them. The Issue: You’ve always gotten along really well with your roommate. You’ve become … [Read more...]


Are You the Bad Roommate?

We all complain about the people we’re living with. They just don’t do everything the way we do, so obviously everything they do is wrong. From cleaning the counter with the wrong sponge to watching the wrong TV show, we find one or two of our roommate’s habits beyond irritating. But if you we find everyone annoying to life with, doesn’t it make sense that they also find us to be real nuisances. Maybe your roommate’s not the annoying person in your building. If you frequently … [Read more...]


Meeting your Freshman Roommate

It’s true, you don’t have to be best friends with your roommate to enjoy your time in college, but it does help. The two of you will be living in a space smaller than some walk-in-closets, for the next 9 months, and things will be a little less awkward if you know you can get along okay. So, before move in day arrives make an effort to break the ice and get to know your roommate. Keep an open mind and you never know what will happen. 1)   Talk to one another If you have your … [Read more...]


Roomie Wanted

Current student housing deadlines are approaching rapidly. You need to make a few decisions soon: Will you be moving off-campus? What dorm do you want to live in? And, most importantly, do you want a roommate next year? If you do decide to find a roomie, it's sure to be a difficult decision. Until you've actually lived with someone it's impossible to predict how well you'll get along. How are you supposed to know if someone is the loudest chewer on earth or if they like to trim nails on the … [Read more...]


My New Bedtime: Leaving my Roommate

My first night at college was exciting. After moving in my stuff, wrestling with my bed, and convincing my computer that it could connect to the Internet, my parents took me out to a late goodbye dinner. We spent a few hours talking and eating, but I was looking forward to heading back to my residence hall and excited at the prospect of finally getting to know my roommate. When I got to my dorm, I found the lights were all turned off, the TV was on, and my roommate was fast asleep under a … [Read more...]