How To Get Rid of Your Roommate

Are you and your roommate not getting along?  Are you wishing that you made a wiser choice of living companions, and counting down the days until your lease is up? Well, here’s some advice on how to get your roommate out the door as soon as possible.   1 – Leave your laundry all over the floor; never put anything in the hamper. Wait until you have nothing left to wear to wash it and then hang everything to dry throughout your room. If your roommate asks, say you didn’t want to … [Read more...]


The (Not So) Miserable January Term and Some Relationship and Financial Advice

If you’re one of those really lucky students who does not start classes until February, skip over this paragraph. If you are one of the unlucky ones who is already back in session, suffering through your classes than Uloop  has a different way of looking at your return to classes. So, stop thinking about all the friends having fun at home and check out the benefits of the J-term here. Roommate issues, anybody Are you dealing with a roommate that doesn’t respect you? Is he or she … [Read more...]


Living With the Drag Queen


The hair dryer was on.  I rolled over and blinked blearily at my alarm clock: 5:23 AM.  It had to be wrong. Nobody could be awake at this hour. I sat up, peering through the gloomy morning light at my deserted dorm room.  Maybe the hair dryer had turned itself on. I pushed off my blankets and started to climb out of bed. Eager to shut it off so I could return to oblivious sleep. That’s when I saw her. Huddled in the corner of our dorm room, with a mirror in front of her, was … [Read more...]