Green your Dorm Room

Living a green lifestyle can be difficult; it’s something that you need to think about all the time. But here are a few simple things that just take a few extra seconds, and will help make your dorm cleaner place to live. Recycle It only takes a few extra seconds, but recycling is the easiest way to decrease your ecological footprint. Instead of tossing your paper, plastic aluminum, and glass in the garbage can throw it in the recycling bin instead. If your university doesn’t have an … [Read more...]


The New Semester: A Packing List for the Forgetful

The holidays are over. Sigh. Don't you wish you could start them over? Anyway, as you start packing and preparing to return to your dorm, don't leave these important items behind. The last thing you want is to start your new semester worrying about the school supplies you accidentally forgot. That's just unnecessary stress. 1 - Your dirty laundry hamper If you brought all of your dirty laundry home with you for mom and to deal with, don’t forget to bring your empty hamper back with … [Read more...]