What Your Dorm Needs: Community Kitchens

It’s difficult to see the difference between residence halls; one building might be taller and another might have more study rooms, but why does that matter? Sometimes basic factors can help you narrow your list down to one or two buildings, but the question still remains: What makes one residence hall better than another? One thing you should always look for is access to a community kitchen. Your kitchen is probably something that you take for granted. Right now, it’s hard to imagine … [Read more...]


Ordering In

I was lucky to grow up in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, dairy cows, empty cornfields, and mature forests were my closest sources of entertainment. There was no such thing as delivery; I couldn’t call the local pizza shop and have a buffalo chicken stromboli delivered straight to my door, and everything closed by 9 PM sharp. In fact, there was hardly a car on the road after 8:30 PM. So, the first time my roommate announced she was hungry at 1 AM I laughed. “Have fun in the kitchen,” I … [Read more...]