Acing Finals, Silent Dance Parties and Thwarting the Modern Day Pirate

Looking for a way to boost your final exam scores? Toss out those energy drinks and buy a couple extra packs of gum. Researchers at Lawrence University found that chewing gum boosts mental performance, according to The study found that students who chewed gum for 5 minutes before a test experienced a performance boost for the first 15-20 minutes of a test and scored higher than students who didn't chew gum.  Of course, the study advises that chewing gum throughout the test didn't … [Read more...]


Final Exams

Finals are here (or coming very soon). That means lots of cramming, midnight snacking, afternoon naps, and too much stress. If you’re lucky you’re parents sent you a fresh final care package, full of fruit and high-energy snacks that will help keep you going all week long. If you’re like me, you got a phone call from your mother warning you that if you don’t succeed with flying colors you should start packing. She was only kidding…I think. But just in case you’re … [Read more...]