Male Students: Meet The Hamptons

Black Hampton Plaid RS

With the year ending and students heading home for the summer, RHL has re-vamped our supply of residence hall apparel to send students back with updated and stylish selections. With tons of new styles of bedding and decor for both males and females, there is one that is already one of our most popular choice: The Hamptons. This style focuses on a muted, yet vibrant plaid that makes any residence hall feel cozy like home. Available in multiple different colors, this print is a must for this … [Read more...]


The Dorms in the Center of Campus

RHLinens College Bedding

Living in the residence halls is convenient, especially if you’re in the dorms that are just a 2 minute walk away from classes. But are the dorms located in the center of the campus really the best dorms, or will you be happier in a dorm located 10 minutes away (walking distance)? Here are a few general facts about the dorms located in the center of campus. It’s important to note that every university is different, and you can make the most out of your experience wherever you wind up; if … [Read more...]


Should you Bring a Car to Campus?

Most freshmen are required to live in the dorms. Commuting usually isn't an option for first years because universities want to make the transition from high school to college to be as easy as possible; living in the dorms creates more opportunities to meet other students and makes it easier to attend classes and participate in student organizations. So, if you have to live in the dorms, do you really need your car? You don’t need it to get to class, but do you really want to leave you’re … [Read more...]


The Best Place for Freshmen to Live

Every university has one: One residence hall that becomes the center of all activity on campus. One residence hall that truly is a home away from home. One freshmen dorm. These freshmen dorms may not be the prettiest or roomiest residence halls on campus, but that doesn’t matter. After all, comfort is not the highest priority in these dorms (although they do usually have extra-long twin beds). No, these dorms have another focus. Freshmen dorms are designed to help you get to … [Read more...]