Decorating with Purpose


Bland walls are a no go while spending your years in residence hall rooms. Express but also organize your thoughts by adding a multitude of wall decals that can spruce up the hanging decor of your space.  Choose from stylish, mess free print hanging canvases, pin boards, and dry erase boards. 1) Wall Decals: Easy to apply wall decals offer a smooth transition to a majority of students who are often switching residence hall rooms after the semester. Vague instructions are not needed to … [Read more...]


Decorating your Dorm with Photos

It’s amazing what a few photographs can do. Just a few photos of friends and family can transform your dorm and make it really feel like home. You need a comfortable and stylish place to relax, and photos are a perfect, and inexpensive, way to place your own individual stamp on your dorm room. Here’s a few ideas on what you can do. 1- Create a Shape From a lucky shamrock, to your favorite animal, to a heart the possibilities are limitless. All you need is scissors and a couple dozen of … [Read more...]