Five Dorm Essentials for your Summer Term


Are you dreading the reality of spending your summer months on campus? Are you wishing you could spend the next few months tanning on a beach somewhere? Ah well, if you’re stuck in the dorms you might as well make them the most comfortable place to spend your time on campus. Here are some awesome additions for your dorm room. 1 – Blackout Curtains No one likes to sleep with the sun shining in their eyes, and since the shades provided by your university probably aren’t getting the job … [Read more...]


The New Semester: A Packing List for the Forgetful

The holidays are over. Sigh. Don't you wish you could start them over? Anyway, as you start packing and preparing to return to your dorm, don't leave these important items behind. The last thing you want is to start your new semester worrying about the school supplies you accidentally forgot. That's just unnecessary stress. 1 - Your dirty laundry hamper If you brought all of your dirty laundry home with you for mom and to deal with, don’t forget to bring your empty hamper back with … [Read more...]


Class Essentials: What’s in your bag?


  The amount of stuff you need to cram into your school bag depends on a variety of factors, including how many classes you have scheduled each day, the amount of time you spend studying between classes, and even your major. Before you get to school, it's impossible to figure out which bag will carry everything you need.  But in order to get an idea, let’s take a look inside the average student’s bag to see the necessities that every student must have with them. Pencils and … [Read more...]


Quick and Easy: Meals in your Dorm


The microwave is a miracle. You can make anything in just a few minutes, and the best part, it's allowed in your dorm room. You may not have access to a working stove or a fridge large enough to put your food in, but almost every dorm allows you to bring a microwave. And that gives you practically endless cooking freedom. So, since your school supply list probably didn’t include all those fancy cooking utensils and dishes most recipes call for.  Here are a few quick and simple meal ideas … [Read more...]