Reading for Pleasure…In College?

The only instructions my elder sister gave me when I started my college career was not to take my ever-growing book collection with me. You won’t have time to read, Liz assured me. You’re going to want to put all your energy your school work and you'll get sick of books. Boy was she wrong. I am a book worm. I love to read, and moving into a dorm did little to diminish my literary appetite. Sure, I spent a lot more time watching Bravo with my friends and working on school assignments, … [Read more...]


Class Essentials: What’s in your bag?


  The amount of stuff you need to cram into your school bag depends on a variety of factors, including how many classes you have scheduled each day, the amount of time you spend studying between classes, and even your major. Before you get to school, it's impossible to figure out which bag will carry everything you need.  But in order to get an idea, let’s take a look inside the average student’s bag to see the necessities that every student must have with them. Pencils and … [Read more...]


The Clothing Situation

Every dorm has limited closet space. The typical dorm has at most one wardrobe/closet and a dresser drawer or two for each student. Some don’t even have that much. Check out the floor plans for Penn State’s East dorms and Arizona State’s North Neighborhood to see what I’m talking about. It’s difficult to cram 4 season’s worth of clothing into the tiny space that you’ve been allotted, but it’s even more difficult to divide your belongings before you leave for school.  What if … [Read more...]