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Made In America

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Our knowledgeable staff has gathered a fine selection of college dorm room supplies and bedding solutions from top manufacturers throughout the United States. From memory foam mattress pads and towel sets to colorful reversible comforters and standardized Value Paks, RHL has the items your student needs for a successful start to his or her college journey. Because these products are American-made you can expect enhanced craftsmanship and an exemplary dedication to quality.
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Pillow Pillow
Your price: $9.95

Mattress Pad Mattress Pad
Your price: $15.95
Mattress Pad

Memory Foam Memory Foam
Your price: $40
Memory Foam

Twin XL Egg Crate Pad Twin XL Egg Crate Pad
Your price: $17.95
Twin XL Egg Crate Pad

Extra Pillow Case Set Extra Pillow Case Set
Your price: $14.95
Extra Pillow Case Set

Sheet Set (3-piece) Sheet Set (3-piece)
Your price: $29.95
Sheet Set (3-piece)

All American Collection All American Collection
15 pieces!
Retail price when purchasing items individually: $230.60 (including shipping)
Your price: $190
You save $40.60 including FREE SHIPPING
All American Collection

Reversible Comforter Reversible Comforter
Your price: $39.95
Reversible Comforter

Towel Set Towel Set
Your price: $29.95
Towel Set

Patriot Pak Patriot Pak
Your price: $140
Patriot Pak