Residence Hall Linens Testimonials & Reviews

I compared to JC Penney and this is a GREAT buy. This is a great savings and so convenient.
- J. Sitzman, Parent of First Year Student
After receiving your literature, I went to the stores and compared what it would cost me, the stores prices for everything you offered in 'The Complete Campus Collection' totaled over $295.00. I came straight home and ordered your package! Thank you for all the help.
- B. Kelly, parent
This is the second time we are ordering. The main shipment came and is so wonderful we decided to order additional pieces. This is such an easy way to shop. I cannot imagine how much money we saved by not running around to find all of the merchandise included in the pack.
- N. Rocco, parent
This is an exceptional value. I know from past experience that dorm beds are impossible to fit - I'm glad this service is available
N. Lawrence, parent of first-year student
Great deal! I work and this saves me a lot of time I don't otherwise have. Everything comes in one box which is easy to pack into the vehicle on "the day" of deposit at college. Thank you, full time working mother of four
- A. Daly, parent
This is great - my youngest son is going off to college (Michigan State) and it was so easy!! The price seems lower then when I've done all this on my own and it's not fun running through all the stores to try to find the right sheets and all the gear they need for a residence hall room.
- C. Montgomery, parent
We were just about to go out shopping for these items but this saved us a lot of time and your prices were reasonable. Thank you!
- H. Ross, parent of first-year student
I first ordered from your company when my oldest son went off to college in September 2005. Now my second son starts college this year, so when I saw the notice about Residence Hall Linens in my parent information pack, it was a done deal.
- K. Johnson, parent of first-year student and repeat buyer
I liked that you had several different "Value Pak" options. I checked out prices at several stores as well as online and found that your prices seemed to be a really good deal.
- V. Mead, parent of first-year student
What a breeze! This was the simplest college shopping I have ever done and this is the last of 3 college students in our family. Thanks.
- L. Green, parent of first-year student
I ordered a zebra print comforter from last night. When my university sent my parents this website in the mail I decided to check it out. I screamed "OH MY GOSH" when I found the same zebra comforter [but better] with the pink sheets that I actually wanted, PLUS much more! I am in love. It's my first year and this site just made shopping for dorm items less stressful. I'll be returning my order at for sure.
- Bridget, first-year student
My daughter will be going away to college for the first time. With everything that needs to be done, ordering from RHL made things a lot easier. The time and money saved made it even better.
- K. Engel, parent of first-year student
This was quick and easy, and probably saved me hours of time searching in stores for everything my daughter would need for her dorm bed! Color choices were great, and prices were extremely reasonable for everything that was included in the pack!
- K. Lendvay, parent of first-year student
I was happy and surprised to see you offer such a nice convenient package deal. This is my second child going off to college. When I was getting my first child ready for college I had to purchase most all of the items included in your package separately which was a chore. Thank you!
- C. Wrobel, parent of first-year student
Thank you for the great products. This is a great service and makes it fun for in-coming freshman to get started with preparations for their dorm room. The selection and process were very easy.
- S. Camacho, parent of first-year student
This is the second time I've ordered from you and I am so grateful you exist. You make preparing a student for school life so much easier! And, I've referred you to other parents many times! Thanks.
- J. Allard, parent of first-year student
I am so pleased with this service... your prices are so very competitive, and the selections are very nice. Thank you for making this easy for the parents.
- L. Tracy, parent of first-year student
This is an awesome service you provide. One less thing to stress about.
- M. Saltz, parent of first-year student
Love the site. You took a load off my mind on where to get the extra long sheets. Thanks!
- J. Callender, Parent of First Year Student
I am ordering for the first time, so I talked to a friend whose son just graduated from Georgia Tech. She ordered the Complete Campus Pak and said it lasted 4 years and was easy and all as advertised. I was sold! I ordered 24 hrs after getting the information in the mail. Another task off my list and my son is relieved he doesn't have to shop for all this stuff! Thanks for making this easy. Price is great.
- T. Perry, parent of first-year student
My time is limited and ordering from your company was hassle-free and probably saved countless hours of shopping and driving. Very user friendly. Thanks.
- B. Breaux, parent of first-year student
You made this process very easy and we appreciate how fairly priced your merchandise is compared to store vendors.
- B. Donadio, parent of first-year student
This was actually one of, if not THE, easiest thing for me to accomplish for my son, Thank you for making this process easier....great job.
- W. Klein, parent of first-year student
Thank you for making this transition to college life enjoyable, and less time consuming. The selection of colors and patterns are wonderful!
- P. Maness, parent of first-year student
Thanks so much for offering this service and making the purchase process so easy. As a mom who is experiencing a child going off to college for the first time, I feel overwhelmed. In addition my son is 6 foot 6 and I know that he will be comfortable! Thanks.
- W. Alexander, parent of first-year student
We priced the items separately and couldn't beat your prices, even with items on sale! Your flyer was very clear and precise, and the website was very easy to use.
- D. Bartrug, parent of first-year student
We received our shipment today and are very impressed with the quality and quantity of everything! Thank you so much for making this all so easy!
- M. Bourdeau, mother of first-year student
Wow! This was so easy. Everything my daughter needed for her dorm and a few things I didn't even think of. Prices are reasonable and shipping was free!
- D. McAnally, mother of first-year student
Originally I thought that since we were flying from the West coast, we would buy everything when we got there but I decided the stores might be out of the XL twin and your prices are much more economical. We have ordered twice. Thanks for your great products.
- S. Lipscomb, mother of first-year student
Wonderful idea to offer everything the student may need including sheets that will actually fit the beds. Thank you.
- D. Czupil, parent of first-year student
This is the second time we've purchased a Value Pak (2nd student going to college) and the convenience is truly appreciated. I despise shopping and you have thought of everything! From a Grateful Mom.
- D. Purcell, mother of first-year student (and repeat customer)
I can't thank you enough for making this process so easy! My son hates shopping and I was dreading having to get all this stuff and was afraid I would forget to get something he would need. Your company saved the day! Thanks again!
- L. Charlebois, mother of first-year student
It was helpful having value packs. It took a lot of stress out of the whole shopping ordeal. Thanks.
- C. Gabel, parent of first-year student
What a Great Service and prices! What a time saver too!
- M. McEachern, parent of first-year student
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